Configure NTP server and client on Vmware ESXi Hypervisor

Priority: Critical

VMware network time synchronization: A walkthrough To configure NTP synchronization, select the host, and on the Configuration tab, select Time Configuration under Software. You’ll now see the existing time synchronization status on that host. Next, click Properties. This selection shows the Time Configuration screen, where you can see the current time on the host. Make sure it’s not too different from the actual time, because a host that’s more than 1,000 seconds is considered “insane” and won’t synchronize. Continue reading

Windows routing – ipconfig and route command

Hi. It’s pretty funny talking about Windows and routing :0, however I need to document how to change a route metric when my Internet is from wireless network but LAN cab;e interface has just been configured by DHCP. In Windows always a network cable connection takes higher priority therefore that interface is assigned with lower metric therefore is used as a default gateway. But this is not always what we need. Please follow this step by step guide to assign a wireless interface as the default ip gateway. Continue reading

Upgrade IOS on up to 9 Cisco switches fast


Directory of flash:/

 509  -rwx        2301   Mar 1 1993 00:24:41 +00:00  config.text
 510  -rwx          24   Mar 1 1993 00:24:41 +00:00  private-config.text
 511  -rwx        2072   Mar 1 1993 00:24:41 +00:00  multiple-fs
 512  -rwx        3584   Mar 1 1993 00:38:49 +00:00  tftp
   2  drwx         512   Mar 1 1993 00:15:19 +00:00  c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE7

The command below creates new archive saved.tar including all files and directories in c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE7 directory and saves the TAR archive on tftp server.

Switch#archive tar /create tftp:// c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE7

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IT technical jargon

Some IT technician words can make confuse and provide misunderstanding therefore please read the list below to be familiar with these expressions:

  • Adware – if you have this type of programme loaded onto your computer, you will start getting pop-ups even when you’re not online! If you click on the pop-up it will take you to a specific web site where you will be encouraged to enter your credit card details. Typically these are scames, so our advice is to never buy anything using pop-ups that just appear on your screen.

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Linux terminal keyboard shortcuts

A few keyboard short-cuts to use working in Linux terminal either in a text mode or desktop X session:

  • [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Fn] = it switches screens.
    [Ctrl]+[Alt] + [F1] through [F6] are text-mode shell prompt screens and [F7] is the graphical desktop screen.
  • [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] = When is used in graphic desktop session it shuts down Cent OS, Red Hat and should work similar with any other Linux distribution. To use only when the normal shutdown procedure does not work, this short-cut will display the desktop logout screen that allow you to logout, reboot, or shut down.
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IPv4 special addresses of Internet Protocol version 4

IP is the most commonly used communication protocol suite in Internet. Most of us know that this 32bit IP address range has been divided on public and private addresses – what we have at home (private) and what is reachable on Internet (public). But underneath there are more IP pools and not everyone knows that in the IP world there are special address ranges used to cover extra tasks and services provided for us like stream video, routing updates and time updates.

During the exhaustion 32bit ver4 IP pool have changed and the modern division approved by Cisco and Internet Organisations (IEEE and IANA) is the current standard shown below. Continue reading